Minimum Advertised Price Policy FAQs

Q: What products are covered by the MAP policy?

A. The MAP policy covers PALI HAWAII products found here.

Q. How often is the MAP product list updated?

A. The MAP product list usually updates every quarter.

Q. What are the MAP bundling guidelines?

A. The effective stated price of the bundle cannot represent a discount more than 15% of the total MAP of the bundled products.

Example of bundling violation:

Bundle of Product A + Product B

Product A MAP: $25.99

Product B MAP: $12.99

Ad states, “A $38.98 value for $31.99”

$31.99 represents a discount of 18% of the total MAP price of $38.98, which violates PALI HAWAII bundling guidelines.


Example of bundling compliance:

Bundle of Product A + Product B

Product A: $25.99

Product B: $12.99

Ad states, “A $38.98 value for $33.99”

$33.99 represents a discount of of 13% of total MAP price of $38.98, which is compliant with PALI HAWAII bundling guidelines.


Q. Do coupons, gift cards, points or other incentives, which are contingent on the purchase of a MAP product, violate this policy?

A. The effective stated price of the coupon, gift card, points or other incentives, cannot represent a discount more than 15% of the MAP.

Q. What does the MAP policy apply to?

A. This policy applies to all forms of marketing that include products covered under this policy.

Q. Who reports MAP violations?

A. Reports are submitted by authorized resellers.

Q. What happens if I violate the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)?

A. PALI HAWAII and its partners may stop doing business with you without further notice.